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03-01-2017 Elektronik 2017 Göteborg 8-9 March
Meet us at Booth A01:52 and see latest news from FRIWO.
15-09-2015 Du har styr på sikkerheden! - Men har du styr på strømmen?
Hvordan får du pålidelig og stabil strøm til din overvågning, alarm eller andet sikkerhedsudstyr? AWILCO har løsningen!
27-04-2015 AWILCO - as simple as that!
We are pleased to announce that we have changed our company name from AWILCO-MULTIPLEX to AWILCO ApS.
23-06-2014 The winner of our competition at S.E.E. 2014 was ...
The right answer was: The weight of lithium battery LFP12050 is only 6,8 kg!
03-04-2014 NEW FRIWO catalogue is here
Get your new FRIWO catalogue here.
07-03-2014 Green reliable energy from EFOY Pro fuel cells
Visit our booth 7A54 at EWEA 2014, to see EFOY Pro fuel cell systems, and the upcoming High Power Back-up Fuel Cell System.
28-01-2014 Hints for successful Antifreeze operation of EFOY Pro fuel cell
... in combination with additional energy sources like for example solar panels.
28-01-2014 New status signal on EFOY Pro Systems
For EFOY Pro 800/800 Duo and 2400/2400 Duo
29-10-2013 NEW firmware for EFOY Pro is available
Take advantage of the recent developments!
02-04-2013 Intelligent batterilader fra Alfatronix
Livsvarig garanti!
19-03-2013 Lithium batterier giver mere frihed!
15-03-2013 NYHED! PowerTector - Sparer dine batteriomkostninger
Se Power Tector på TRANSPORT 2013 Spar penge på dine batteriomkostninger! Spar miljøet!
14-03-2013 EFOY brændselsceller - Fremtidens strømløsning NU!
24-01-2013 Elektronik i Norden writes
ALpcon RP8 - A thermo electric generator impresses the press!
19-12-2012 EFOY service tip: Torch check
Some EFOY fuel cartridges can fail - Check out how to avoid!
12-10-2012 New compact generation of lithium-ion batteries.
NOW with greater power capacity!
27-08-2012 Thank you for your visit at E-12, Odense - Booth 3339
NEWS: FRIWO LED, NessCap ultracapacitors, Batteries, FRIWO power supplies
07-08-2012 Motorola Power Supplies Upgrade
Alfatronix streamlines wedge desktop radio compatible power supplies.
25-05-2012 150Watts desktop power supply - Universally applicable
21-03-2012 Meet us at S.E.E. 2012: 17-19 April at Kistamässan, Stockholm
Meet us at booth C08:58 presenting FRIWO power supplies, chargers and LED drivers; batteries and Supercaps from Nesscap!
23-12-2011 NEW FRIWO LED drivers!
Have a special look at LT60 and DT100 ...
06-12-2011 Transport of dangerous goods
Avoid unnecessary troubles and possible claims!
06-12-2011 Next generation 9V lithium battery is here ...
22-08-2011 NEW EFOY Comfort - new look, extra functionality
22-08-2011 EFOY fuel cartridge prices adjust
22-08-2011 The free EFOY App!
24-03-2011 EFOY brændselsceller - Transportbranchens grønne Engel!
24-03-2011 IP65 Ruggedised konvertere fra Alfatronix
24-03-2011 Lithium batterier giver mere frihed!
23-11-2010 SFC Energy Celebrates Its 10th Birthday with an exclusive offer!
14-09-2010 Boston-Power’s Sonata Battery - Nordic accreditation
12-07-2010 Inspection Camera with Recording LCD Monitor
09-07-2010 Extremely powerful FRIWO Power Supply Module - OF150
15-06-2010 Lithium batterier giver mere frihed ombord
19-04-2010 Oplev friheden - lej en EFOY brændselscelle til ferien
14-04-2010 FRIWO GPP6 power supplies in compliance with EuP guideline (step 2)
14-04-2010 FRIWO USB power supplies for universal use
12-04-2010 FRIWO erbjuder överläges laddning för LiFePO4 celler
12-04-2010 Lithium Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4)
12-04-2010 Ny medicinsk reglering EN60601 - FRIWO är klar!
23-03-2010 Meet us at Scandinavian Electronics Event
Meet us at booth C07:31 presenting FRIWO power supplies and chargers, and batteries covering all types of technologies.
18-12-2009 AWILCO and MULTIPLEX will join efforts as per 1.1.2010
14-11-2008 Awilco and Multiplex changes logo.

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